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Chin Breeding & Babies Anything to do with breeding chinchillas or about baby chinchillas (kits) here.

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Old 07-15-2018, 08:11 AM Belgium
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Default Please help-relocating my new chin mama

Hello everyone. My chin has given birth today and I need to know if its okay to put her in a different cage, because the one she is in rn is to tall and there is a lot of blood at the place where she gave birth. She and kits are hanging right at that bloody place and thats probably not the best for them right? Would it cause too much stress to relocate her in a smaller cage? I am sorry if the question is kinda dumb but I have had only one kit before and he died a week later so I really have no experience. Not to mention that this pregnancy was a complete surprise for us.
Oh and also sorry for my grammar mistakes.
Thanks everyone!
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Old 07-15-2018, 11:53 AM Canada
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A different clean cage sounds like a good idea, the blood and after birth will start to rot and could make them sick. Ideally you should have moved her to a smaller kit safe cage before birth, so the mom is use to the new cage, but since you said this was a surprise litter it's understandable. I had a surprise litter once too when I was a kid, I thought I had two males and then one had babies. I moved them into a smaller cage and everything was fine. I just kept the cage near the father so they could still see each other.

You don't want the mom to be able to get too far away from the kits, some females are reluctant moms and will try to get away from the kits, so a single level is best. Also you don't want shelves or ledges in the cage either, the kits could get hurt or for the mom to be able to avoid the kits. If the mom is spending a lot of time on top of the hiding house (if you have one) you will need to remove that too.
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