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Old 01-17-2014, 11:55 AM United States
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Default 2 year old Hedgie.. Need advice

Okay, So I adopted Sonic, 3 days ago from a woman who could no longer care for him. So I adopted him, He is my first hedgie. I honestly looked up a lot of care but I didn't know how long they live, etc. So I am assuming he's about a middle aged hedgie. The first night home he ran on his wheel, etc. After that I decided to get him some new things, a new wheel, a new blanket because the stuff he had in his cage was either, not appropriate for a hedgie.. or so dirty it smelled horrible.

My concern lies in that I haven't really seen him in his wheel recently. I know it moved two nights ago because it has a design on the back that was moved. It's a completely solid wheel, identical to his old wheel minus the color. He loves his new fleece blankety. I haven't really seen him eat his hard food either, though there is bedding in the food bowl which tells me he is eating it, I just never see it. I go to bed around 9pm at night and check on him before I got to bed, He's sleeping. I get up at 8-9am and he's sleeping. I did get him out this morning because he was poking his nose out and let him run around on my bed, which he seemed to enjoy but he is still very hissy and upset.

This all being said I am his THIRD home which hurts my heart a lot I will be his last home too, He is staying with me always. I just want to do the best by him.

He does enjoy wet food, What is the best cat wet food I can give him as a treat? I gave him a very small amount wet food this morning I had for my cat and he ate it but I want to give him the best possible kind.

Any advice is much needed. Thank you.
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Old 02-06-2014, 09:12 AM United States
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As for the wheel, I'd give it a good rinse in case there's a funny scent on it that he's picking up that's putting him off. Also, check that it spins freely, isn't wobbling, isn't at a funny angle, etc... And check his nails. If they've grown too long, it could be hurting him to wheel.

Some hedgies will not eat while you're watching. I have one now who gets too flustered and will just run across her food to a hiding place if I'm around. But, under the cover of darkness, she'll come out and eat her kibbles just fine. Make sure your little guy has a consistent light and dark schedule so he'll come out to eat. You may want to put a few kibbles in bed with him so you know that he can access them easily until he gets to his dish on his own. Also, overnight especially, ensure that the temperatures aren't dipping to a point where it's too chilly for him to come out. All day and night, hedgies need a nice consistent temp. I'd aim for around 75F.

Yes, many enjoy wet cat food. There are several good ones for hedgies: Spot's Stew, Blue Wilderness and the other versions in the Blue Buffalo line, and Wellness seem to be among my crew's favorites. Most hedgies seem to prefer the pate kind (ie, ground so it's like a thick baby food consistency) and don't care for the sliced kind (ie, that has actual pieces). The chicken, turkey, and duck versions are big hits with my crew. Seafood varieties... depends on the hedgie - some loved, some rejected it. They liked lamb too.
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Old 02-06-2014, 10:39 AM United States
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I have a 48" long aquarium light in my hedgie room to give them a good light cycle. 2 will come out as soon as the light goes off and wander their cage most of the night, 1 will sneak out to check for wet cat food or mealworms when we come in the room to fill food and water before bed, and the other 3 don't appear until around midnight-1am and immediately go back to hiding after they eat.

We use Taste of the Wild canned food. Have used wellness in the past. Also freeze dried mealworms as a treat.
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