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Old 11-03-2018, 10:33 PM United States
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Exclamation Chinchilla pee/bedding smells?

I recently got two chinchillas, and this is my first time taking care of them. When I bought them, I received FreshNews recycled paper cat litter. It helped absorb the smell however I noticed the chinchillas eating the litter. I changed the litter to CareFresh the paper bedding but then the cage smell seemed much stronger. I'm not sure why, but I'm suspecting that it may be their pee. I'm not sure whether it's normal but I read online that their pee should be odorless but there's a strong odor smell coming from their cage. I just changed their cage yesterday but the odor is already strong. Please help! If I do use different bedding besides fleece, what should I put underneath? And would you think it's because of the bedding or their actual pee? Thank you!
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Old 11-04-2018, 10:57 AM Canada
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Paper bedding in general is not the best, CareFresh tends to stink unless you clean up pee spots daily, and can cause a blockage if swallowed. Safer options are kiln dried pine shavings or aspen shavings, pine is fairly good at masking odor with it's pine scent. Aspen doesn't have a scent but is pretty much dust free so it's less likely to cause or affect allergies if that is an issue for you. If you still need a little more odor control you can use a little bit of deodorizer like Sweet PDZ or Stall Dry under the wood shavings.

Their pee is not odorless, but their poop should be. Their pee smells like pee, some chins pee smells stronger then others and some simply pee more then others. The type of litter, as well as the depth of the litter and size of the cage also can contribute to how quickly it smells.
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