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Old 06-21-2016, 06:25 PM United States
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Default Think my new chins don't like girls.

Well I have two new chinchillas Toothless ((a homo Ebony)) and Hiccup ((Dark Velvet)) we believe they are brothers because me and my gf adopted them from petco and according to the paperwork we got they came in together and are suppose to be the same age ((about 13 Months right now)) and they get along with each other great its rather cute, yet when I made the attempt to introduce my little lady Lily ((20 Months)) They both rushed her and attacked her and I had to step in almost immediatly, I did the whole Neutral ground meeting with toys and a dust bath and food scattered around the bedroom but both my new males ignored the tasty treats dust bath and new toys and attacked lily I even placed them on separate sides of the room needless to say my two males have a few bald spots and my female didn't lose a single hair and now dislikes those two males with a passion as she keks and sprays at them when she see's them, however when she see's her hubby ((boco 4.5 years)) or her baby ((Zero 3 months)) she chirps gets all happy pop corns and tail wags. So i doubt that my female hates males just these two new chins dislike my female as lily is a very social chin and doesn't shy away from being touched or giving whisker kisses.
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Old 06-21-2016, 08:11 PM United States
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First, boy chin + girl chin = baby chins. This is not something that is encouraged with pet store chins.

Second, boy chin + boy chin + girl chin = dead chins. They will fight to the death and kill each other.

Keep the girl away from the pet store chins. If you want to breed, go to a reputable breeder and buy animals.

Also, paperwork from a pet store means nothing. Those chins are no more likely to be brothers than my dog and my cat. Petco gets their chins from a wholesaler. Wholesalers buy huge amounts of chins from random breeders, then separate them into single cages so they don't ruin their fur or their ears, and then load them up into cartons and ships them all around the country to pet stores. Once they ship them, all idea of who they are or where they came from are lost. I doubt they even have a clue who they came from once they get back to their barn in preparation for shipping.

I would keep a super close eye on them now as well (now that there has been fighting, they may turn on each other) and I would also verify that they are both same sex. Pet stores are notorious for selling chins that they say are one sex and they end up being the other. Rarely are pet store employees trained to know such things.
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Old 06-21-2016, 09:09 PM United States
Waysidecorpse Waysidecorpse is offline
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Age: 30
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I have personally checked Hiccup and toothless and both are male ((toothless is a bit more proud then his brother)) Currently they are getting along just fine as the introduction was a week ago, they only really fight when they wanna sleep and its over who gets to sleep in the Hide house I got them, which normally results in a bunch of keking and finally one of them stealing the roof and sleeping on it on the bottom of the cage with the roof.

Lily and Boco are responsible for Zero and his departed Sister Rose, both of them are Petco chinchillas and zero is atleast to my eyes quite lovely with a nice coat and no defects for being from "sub par" chinchillas.

To clarify the brothers didn't fight with each other they both ganged up on lily who in turn whooped there *** much to my amusement while i was separating them.

Lily and boco never faught during there introductions and actually seemed to enjoy each others company and despite the happy little accident i don't regret the surpise and enjoy Zero who is my little buddy.... now if i can just convince him to stop stealing my watch i believe all will be in order.

And finally I do plan on breeding Lily and Toothless ((Homo ebony)) but as they can't stand each other i have abandoned that plan for the time being and am currently in the market for another female to keep lily company.
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