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Hedgehog Debate Debate hedgie topics here - PLEASE KEEP IT CIVIL!

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Old 12-02-2012, 11:55 PM Canada
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Pet store vs. breeder, such a tricky subject really, there are so many cons with pet stores BUT that is where my little Akhiro came from.

I actually took him from my little sister (10 years younger then me) because she wasn't giving him the love and attention he needed, he started to bite her and then she was afraid of him.

Now he is probably about 9-10 months old, she never asked when she got him, but I did follow up with the pet store and they said that they had no way of knowing as the "breeder" does not give that information, anyone living in Easter Canada the company is called "Eastern Bird Supply" and how they obtain/breed their hedgehogs is a mystery, and I have tried finding them online with no luck to try and get some type of information about my little guy.

The guy at the pet store means really well, but he really doesn't know much about hedgies in my opinion, and when I went in to get the information they did have one girl hedgie there and he told me that when she came to them she was pregnant, and the 2 hoglets didn't survive, so awful! I asked to see her and he had to pick her up with a towel and she proceeded to bite down on the towel immediately. Also, when my sister got Akhiro he told her just to pick him up with a towel, he never really go used to being picked up any other way. (Again does he really know much about what he is selling???)

Akhiro is a big cranky butt most of the time, doesn't like to be pet but if I just let him sit in my chair with me he will snuggle up to my side and run up my arm, but only if he feels like it. I've worked really hard with him to try and turn him around, but he is a huffy little grump and I still love him to death.

I recently got a second hedgie 2 weeks ago, her name is Amora...she is the cutest and most loving little hedgie girl. I can put her on her back and rub her tummy, give her kisses on her cheek and she LOVES to nap on my shoulder snuggled into my neck. I got her from a girl who had decided to become a hobby breeder, I had the chance to go to her house and see the babies before I made a commitment, and I was happy to say all 6 hoglets were in great health. I fell in love with Amora instantly, she is very laid back and likes to be held, where Akhiro wants to run run run run (which he is doing right now while she is sleeping lol).

So I kind of went off topic, but my view on this is that all hedgies deserve a loving home, but I do not think that they should be available from pet stores, or maybe some type of laws need to be put in place (i.e. no females and males in the same cages, birthdays must be known and they need a family history) since all pet stores will say they get their hedgies from a reputable breeder, who wouldn't say that?!

And shouldn't this be available for all animals? Isn't that the responsible way to do things?
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Old 12-28-2012, 10:51 PM United States
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After everything I've read on here and on other sites, there's no way I'd buy from a pet store again. We don't know anything at all about Miss Kay, other than we love her. I went in to Wet Pets n Critters yesterday to ask a few questions about bedding and treats, and the kid had no idea what to sell me so she tried to sell me stuff I knew was bad for a hedgie!
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