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Chin Debate Debate chin topics here - PLEASE KEEP IT CIVIL!

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Old 10-15-2014, 11:00 AM United States
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Originally Posted by Spoof View Post
You can show an ebony out of Shoots lines and it can get tossed into the extra dark ebony class because it is so black on top, yet it will have a light belly and not be capable of throwing those dark ebonies, just the dark veiling.
I've had no issue with getting dark / extra dark ebonies out of 1st or 2nd generation and I pair extra dark eb to dark standards. I get a crap shoot, from medium to extra dark. My darkest eb I've produced was out of a dark standard with crisp belly and an extra dark eb. I've taken my first generation offspring from the standard / eb pairs and paired them together (mostly medium eb paired to dark eb) and I tend to get lighter results.. mostly medium. I've then paired those to a dark standard, and I've gotten extra dark. Crazy how eb genes work.
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Old 10-15-2014, 09:16 PM United States
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so here is my ebony female, i was told she is a medium (ebony gene from doug wilson)

this is her belly (not been groomed in a while)

these two have me an eb carrier with as the judges put it "a nice clean belly" she looks like a light phase as well.

This is my male who i was told is med. eb also. (not been groomed) {ebony gene from strk but further back either 5R9 or RNJR}

his belly

Belly of darker baby and lighter baby from Std. (light maybe med. phase) mom and med. Eb. dad

i can add a picture of std mom too but phone is almost dead and i will have to send the picture to my computer.
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