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Hedgehog Diet & Nutrition Anything to do with the diet or nutrition of a hedgie - post it here!

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Old 02-09-2015, 06:46 PM United States
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Default Won't eat!

I got my new hedgie Luna on Sunday morning (posting on Monday night) and all she's eaten is a mealworm and a couple pieces of cat kibble. The breeder told me they feed Iams and gave me a little baggie of it. I bought Blue before I knew he fed Iams. Luna is an albino 3 month old female. I put her in a 10 gallon tank (she has a 30 gallon tub) to watch her. All I put was a bowl of water and a bowl (now on the ground) of her old food mixed with new dry food along with wet food. I noticed a glob (tiny) of green poop and looked it up, which said it could be caused by stress, so I put a towel for her to snuggle in the tank. What should I do?!?! How long can she go without eating and drinking? If she's hungry will she just eat eventually? Please any suggestions are welcome.
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Old 03-20-2015, 06:05 PM United States
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Green poops are usually a sign of stress. The stress is often caused by a move - like from the breeder's home to yours. Blue is better for her than Iams, though great that you have mixed the two together to help with the transition.

Hedgies cannot go long without food or water. Fatty liver disease can set in quickly. So I'm glad to hear that she's, at least, had a mealie and some kibble. Keep setting out food for her. You can syringe feed meat-based baby foods and water (do so slowly).
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