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Hedgehog Diet & Nutrition Anything to do with the diet or nutrition of a hedgie - post it here!

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Old 01-05-2015, 12:35 AM Malaysia
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Question Help Me Choose Cat Food !

I'm going to link some of the high quality cat foods that i can find in my local pet stores. (i'm not from north america or europe)

all of these are corn-free, most of them are grain-free and the protein, fat and fiber percentage looks okay. can you guys help me cross out the meeeh :/ ones and tell me which ones i should use. i still havent decided if i want to feed my hedgehog a mix or just one type. do help me with that too

Kitten Food Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe (Grain Free)
Indoor Formula Cat Food Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe (No Corn, Wheat or Soy
Adult Cat Food Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe (No Corn, Wheat or Soy)

CORE Turkey, Turkey Meal & Duck Formula (Grain Free)
CORE Indoor Formula (Grain Free)

Viva La Venison (Grain Free)

Feline Vintage

LV Natural Holistic Cat Food
Kitten / Queen / Energentic (SeaLand + Collagen )
Adult / FIT (SeaLand + Collagen)
Senior / Adult / Neutered (SeaLand + Collagen)

Best Breed Cat Diet

Cat Bites, Kitten Food, Lean Cat Food

Salmon & Trout Recipe (Grain Free)
Turkey & Chicken (Grain Free)

Chicken & Sweet Potato Formula (Grain Free)
Adult Cat Formula (No Corn, Wheat, Soy)
Kitten Formula (No Corn, Wheat, Soy)
Seven Seafood Platter Formula (No Corn, Wheat, Soy)

New Zealand Venison Indoor Cat Dinner (Grain Free)
Chicken With Salmon Cat Dinner (Grain Free)
Wild Ocean Cat Dinner (Grain Free)

Purrfect Bistro Real Chicken Recipe (Grain Free)
Purrfect Bistro Healthy Weight Recipe (Grain Free)

We also have brands like Royal Canin, Iams, Brit Care, Brit Premium, Equilibrio, StarPro, LV Prime Blue, Orijen, Acana, Sava, Eureka, Fancy Feast, ProPlan, NutriEdge, ProDiet, SmartHearts, Science Plan and Whiskas but these products have corn as their ingredients or their protein percentage are above 40% or their fiber percentage is really low. so i dont want to go there.

and for now the only hedgehog food i could find that's not harmful is Sunseed's Hedgehog Food and 8in1 Ultra-Blend Select Hedgehog Diet

Should i add the hedgehog food into the cat food mix or should i ignore the hedgehog food completely ?

i plan on also supplying him with freeze dried mealworms every few days

the hedgehog im getting is around 2 months old

i really need some help bc im getting my hedgehog soon and i want the best for him !
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Old 01-24-2015, 03:27 PM United States
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I'd definitely recommend a mix. Hedgies seem so sensitive to change, so it's nice knowing that, if something goes awry with one of the kibbles, you have the other one to fall back on until you find a suitable replacement for the "bad" one. "Bad" things include - recalls, hedgie decides they don't like it anymore, the company chages formulation (taste, texture, shape) and hedgie refuses to eat the new stuff...

Wellness CORE is a bit high in protein on its own. As part of a mix, it may balance out nicely.
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