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Old 02-13-2016, 05:54 PM Canada
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Default In need of Vancouver, BC area foster home for 2 sweet female chins

Hey all,

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to foster my 2 sweet chinnie girls in Vancouver, BC, Canada? Preferably by March 1st. I am ideally looking for someone who is stable, loves chins, has chins, takes very good care of their chins (ie. has done their research and really cares what’s best for them) and can easily and happily take on two more. Hopefully with the option of me visiting them every once in awhile, at least in the beginning. I love them very much. If I can’t find anyone on here with experience I will find someone new and eager, and educate the heck out of them.

Their names are Luxe and Luna (as you might have noticed from my super creative username ). See attached photo below; it’s older but they look pretty much the same! Luna is on the left (standard grey), Luxe is on the right (brown velvet). They are sisters, now 7 years old, born June 2008 (Gemini twins! and totally different personalities to boot). Despite their obvious differences, they are inseparable, and constantly cuddling. Luxe is more active, interested in others, though she doesn’t like being picked up from inside her home as much. Luna is more shy and withdrawn and will take a while to warm up to someone, though she is a little easier to hold (she really doesn’t like being over-handled, though, as in having treatments given to her—poor girl has had 3-4 seizures that I’m aware of over the course of her life, which all passed after about 10 minutes or so, and I treated her with honey as I suspect it’s her blood sugar. Aside from that they have both been amazingly healthy, and I have never needed to take them to the vet, except for the checkup I gave them in 2012 to bring them across the border). They both warm up more the more they are interacted with and let out to play, but it has been awhile since I’ve been able to play with them outside their home. I have had them since August 2008, so they have been with me for almost their whole lives! They have even traveled on a 4-day road trip with me from Pittsburgh, PA (where they were born and where we lived for 4 years) to Vancouver, BC, and have since moved with me a few more times. I know if it’s stressful for me, it must be for them as well.

I'm currently in a bit of a housing/life bind, and may or may not be able to find a place that allows chinchillas; I'm looking for rooms/shares, so this can be tough—I’m also currently living out of town which is making the search more complicated (I will be bringing them back to the area with me either way, because I want them to be close by and near decent vets!). I was also going through a difficult time with money and mental health the past few years, and they haven't been receiving as much attention as they used to, or as I believe they deserve. I’m now getting back on my feet and looking for a new place I can afford. I have found a potential room with awesome people whom I can relate to, and who I know will help inspire me to greater heights, but unfortunately their landlord won’t allow chinchillas. They are kindly fighting for me to keep them there, however I’m thinking it might be a sign from the universe that it’s time for all of us to move on. I am sad that I might have to give them up, but I’m trying to do what I think is best for all of us. I want them to be very happy for the remainder of their lives. Even if I did find the right housing for both of us, I'm unsure whether I'll have the mental focus necessary to take care of them in the way they deserve—lots of playtime, love, and funds necessary for them to live like queens! Okay maybe that's not necessary, but I think they deserve it.

I have taken very good care of them aside from my slight inattentiveness the past few years. Only the best! They have a customized Chinchilla Townhome on casters from Quality Cage, all galvanized stainless steel and wood, which I recently took apart and cleaned as well as I could. It’s still in pretty darn good condition after 7 years, despite the finish coming off on some of the metal and some of the wood shelves (which I believe I have only replaced once) getting chewed up. In addition to their normal home they have a travel home, also stainless steel from Quality Cage (about half the size of the normal one, for trips, etc) and a 2-door stainless steel travel carrier. They also have a Ware playpen, three separate pens that link together to create different sizes. They had a cardboard maze, which they enjoyed, but I seem to have temporarily misplaced it in my last move—perhaps it will turn up. They also have a 15” chin spin wheel (which still works great!), two nest boxes, a nice steel hay rack, two steels tunnels which they sleep in often, from which I’ve removed the fleece—they used to have a hammock, as well, but cannot have fleece or fabrics in their cage, as Luna has a bad habit of chewing and eating things she’s not supposed to (hence no plastic either).

You will also be receiving all of their food and supplies, including some apple wood sticks for chewing (their favourite wood so far), blue cloud dust and glass bathing jars, 2 granite shelf tiles to keep them cool, steel and ceramic bowls and glass water bottles, toy-making supplies (apple whirlies, pine, pumice, Chinese finger traps—they love all of these), pine shavings/bedding (no aromatic oils), etc. I also have some health/medical supplies for emergencies, etc, which I have yet to really use. They are currently eating Alderpark pellets which I order from Vancouver Island for an excellent price, though they used to eat Mazuri. They are also currently eating Oxbow Timothy Hay. They drink 3-stage filtered (to eliminate Giardia) or spring water. Their treats usually consist of organic dried hibiscus flower, rosebuds, rose hips, and occasionally other flowers. They absolutely love them.

If anyone is willing to take them and love them, please let me know ASAP!
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Old 02-13-2016, 06:23 PM United States
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Aww so cute. Good luck with this!!
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