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Hedgehog New Owner Questions If you are a new hedgie owner, this is the forum for you!

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Old 08-17-2014, 10:16 PM Canada
Lunathehedgie Lunathehedgie is offline
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hmmm Curious or scared luna

I just got a 1 year old hedgehog a couple weeks ago, she was seemingly not taken care of by her previous owners as her ears are tattered by mites, the breeder did sell her to me though as she is still friendly, although I do have one concern. Whenever I take Luna out of her cage she is in a constant running frenzy, she looks like she's running around trying to find a place to hide (she often chooses a pant leg or couch) I'm wondering if she's trying to hide from me or if she just needs more exercise. She has a wheel in her cage but she doesn't use it and is constantly in her hut, I'm also worried she's to scares to leave her hut to even eat or drink because it doesn't seem as if she does much of that. We haven't been bonded yet, but I try taking her out of her cage once or twice a day but she just won't calm down
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Old 08-18-2014, 08:46 PM United States
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Have you seen a vet for wellness check, just to rule out any problems there? At night is her room dark and quiet? Most hedgies won't come out if not. She might be scared especially if she wasn't handled a lot. When you hold her you can try covering her with a blanket or a hedgie bag so she feels safe, then after awhile she will start peeking out and exploring.
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Old 08-21-2014, 06:17 PM United States
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Some hedgies are snugglers; others are runners. It may be that she's more apt to run about than snuggle. But I'd also guess she'll settle down a bit over time. Most hedgies don't really care to be out in the open and will find a place to hide. My Marlee, for instance, is a snuggler. She's pretty calm, cool, and collected. But she absolutely will work her way up my shirt sleeve or down the neck hole.

If she's come from a home of relative neglect, it's possible that she hasn't figured out the joys of a wheel yet. Provided it's a good wheel with a solid running surface, keep putting in in her home. She may figure it out and start running one of these nights. Also check her feet and toenails to ensure they're in a good shape to run; is, that her nails aren't too long.

I second the recommendation to bring her to a vet if you haven't already.
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Old 08-21-2014, 06:46 PM United States
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as smhufflepuff said "Some hedgies are snugglers; others are runners" she just might be a runner." It might be to bright in the room for her and she is trying to find a place to hid and sleep till it is night. Try having the room darker and see if that changes how she acts. A good way to tell if she is eating is to count the kibble out the night before and in the morning and see how many are gone. You might also need to call the breeder you got her from and find out what food she was on, she might not like the new food you are feeding her, (if it is different). What is her water in? maybe changing the container might make her drink more. Also try bottled water, she might not like tap water if that is what she is getting. Maybe try putting the food and water closer to the hut, that way she does not have to go fare to get it. As for the wheel how do you know she is not using it? one of my hedgies was very clean about her wheel and you could not tell she used it. What does your wheel look like? I might be able to tell you a way to check.
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