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Hedgehog Breeding & Babies Anything to do with breeding hedghogs or about baby hedgies (hoglets) here.

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Old 07-17-2015, 02:33 AM Canada
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Default Pregnant hedgehog

She's 99% preg

She's doubled her weight in the last month
Her water intake is 40% increased
Her poop is now double in thickness
Her eating has also doubled

And now all she does is eat sleep and drink and hides. She doesn't even want to be seen by me. The light goes on she scurries back quickly to her HEDGIE bag which I've got a 4" PVC pipe added to the bag edge for more sense of security and to make it more cozy for her.

My only question is. I do plan to keep her on liners
(The reason is I briefly did try her on kitty paper pellet bedding. But her walking under the waterbottle got her wet and then she got her quills all yucky cuz the bedding rubbed off onto her when she sleeps on the pellets or burrows under the bag

I'm not willing to use shavings due to risk of mites and I cannot freeze enough shavings to make it safe

If I wait until she comes out to eat at night. And quickly lift the whole HEDGIE bag (baby and all) take mum out of cage quickly roll up the liner. Spray wipe dry and lay down a new liner. And put the bag back in and then mum. Will it be okay? I'll wait til 1 week if necessary? It's how I've always done it and she doesn't even move out of the inverted igloo when I usually do it. So she's used to it. Would it be okay?
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