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Chin New Owner Questions If you are a new chin owner, this is the forum for you!

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Old 09-12-2016, 04:01 PM United Kingdom
Keirazak Keirazak is offline
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Thanks tins yes there now on ox bow essentials not quite there yet but she's getting there 😊
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Old 03-16-2017, 10:16 PM United States
ChinchillaFancy ChinchillaFancy is offline
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I saw that you are resistant to bringing the chin to the vet but you can look around for a chinchilla specific vet and at least call on the phone for advice. You wrote that there was a cat climbing on the cage. This definitely caused stress and after fur loss, it can take quite a while to grow back. I've heard 6 months at least.
As far as food, I use Oxbow myself and Oxbow Western Timothy Hay Stacks for the hay.
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Old 05-31-2019, 04:47 AM United Kingdom
DavidC_Surrey DavidC_Surrey is offline
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Originally Posted by Keirazak View Post
I bought this as they were being fed a supermarket branded rabbit musli and wanted something different from pellets to gradually introduce that wasn't too far from the musli there used to , I thought that it seemed a good option to be honest and once it's opened it looks like mainly hay with bits of flowers in it. Now I feel bad cause I obviously don't want to make them worse 😢 I'll look at the links but it looks like I'd have to order online as there isn't much choice in the local per supply shops around here 😭😭 thank you though Amazon is a good option
Don't feel bad at all.

I appreciate that this is an old thread now but I think this MUST be said for anyone else who comes here in the future:

I have been feeding Nature's Touch Chinchilla food to my daughter's pair for years. There is nothing wrong with this food as it contains exactly what chinchillas need. Having said that, we also feed ours Charlie Chinchilla muesli and plain hay every day too.

My chinchillas will not touch plain pellets. And who can blame them? They must be the most boring food! Make the makers eat some tasteless boring cereal bar every day for the rest of THEIR lives that's what I say! :-)

Give your pets some fun. As long as it is proper healthy chinchilla food you will be fine. Sorry, I am sure that Tina knows a lot more about chinchillas that me, but to pooh-pooh proper (rather expensive!) foods because they contain CARROTS is just nuts... Errr... Dried carrots are one of the things that I think everyone else recommends for feeding to chinchillas.

You have to be careful with nuts as they should not have fatty foods, but things like dried carrot and the other stuff in Charlie Chinchilla and Nature's Touch is good for them and they love it. It is recommended on all the other sites I visited when researching what to feed the little darlings.

Sunflower seeds? I have never seen a sunflower seed in the Nature's Touch product. Petals and so on yes. It's a leafy/stalky product mainly with a few marigold flower heads and very small pellets mixed in. I don't think it has any seeds in it at all. None are mentioned on the packet.

Best regards
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