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Default New owner - first steps?

We got 2 chins in an unknown age and owner (long story but they were abandoned by the previous owner). They are in a large cage with plastic shelves, hay, water, proper food, bedding all over and looks overall fine (we had them for two days now)
Here are the questions:
1. Bedding - do we need it all over all the shelves or just put it in one place for them to potty would be the right step
2. Should we use hay only in the hay ball or also on the floor?
3. We are not sure if they will let us touch or hold them, what would be first good steps not to scare them away?
4. We will be traveling for a few weeks and will have someone come to clean and feed them, how often should it be done?
5. Do we need to take them to the vet for a general check-up?
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